Continuing the Education Program

We continue to support the education program at Friend’s of Zimbabwe and this April we have quite a few school fees coming up. In order for these kids to go school we provide for their transportation and all the necessary materials they need for their subjects. Education is one of the best ways for these kids to succeed. Below are a few photos sent from Philip in Zimbabwe of the kids in the rural areas that we distribute books and other school materials to.

The bottom few photos are of the beautiful kids that stay at the Children’s Home. Because of your support and the efforts of Christ’s Initiative these kids are healthy, educated, spiritually fed and clearly living with joy! The woman in the photos is Susana who helps run the Children’s Home with her husband Phillip. Please keep them all in prayer and consider signing up for monthly donations so that we can meet our budget every month. Remember we are a 501c3 so all donations are tax deductible.IMG_20160109_125234IMG_20160109_125258DSCN8468DSCN8476DSCN8478IMG_20160206_160934

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