January Update

Hello Friends,

It has been a little while since our last update. I hope this finds you well. As usual there are things that we can praise God for, but there are many things that are concerning and need to be kept in prayer. As you keep reading you will notice Godknows is very sick. It is disheartening to hear about his condition. Please keep him in prayer and if you feel led to donate funds for medication and healthy food so that he can recover, we would greatly appreciate it. Here is a little update from Phillip in Zimbabwe describing how things are going at the children’s home.

We planted maize (corn) in the outside yard separate from the garden, and the maize is growing well and we expect a better harvest than last season. Amongst other cash crops we have green pepper, tomatoes and vegetables in our garden which will take us through the month of February without buying. We planted a lot of vegetables with the kids such that we even sell some. It is raining almost more than twice everyday and due to the rains we have a challenge with the grass that is growing at an alarming rate. We therefore need to engage the services of a lawn mower to help cut down the grass which will be a little extra money. We previously cut the grass using slashers to cut down costs, but due to the rains and the work in the field and yards have to use the mower.

Prince started his primary education very well except that due to age , he is sometimes not responsible with his things such as loosing his hat . We hope he will improve in this area and at least remember where he would have put his uniforms.

Princess is doing very well so far. The school made us buy a white jersey for the prefects, so they will be unique. She is also into athletics so we will be updating you on the developments.

Brian awaits his academic results, so we will know whether or not he will be proceeding to high school. If he passes he will proceed, but if he fails he will have to rewrite the exams. He is a very hard working young man.

Godknows is still admitted at the isolation hospital, probably until his TB injections are over, which will be in early March. The young man is sick to such an extent that he can not walk on his own, and he hardly wakes up from his bed. His whole body has turned to a very dark black complexion. Luckily as of now there are no more hospital bills to pay for the time being, except the purchase of fruits, juice, other healthy foods and of course his medication that are not provided at the facility.

Thank you all for your love and support. If you would like to donate towards the children’s home and or Godknows medical bills please visit the link below.


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