Donation Gift Card

We have donation gift cards! A great way to give during the holidays could be a donation to the Friend’s Of Zimbabwe Children’s Home on someone’s behalf. See the steps below to give a gift in someone’s name.

1) Visit

2) Click on the “Donate” button.

If you don’t have an account with paypal look for “Don’t have a PayPal account?  Use your credit card or bank account Continue

3) After you enter the donation amount and your information. Click on “Feel free to leave a message

4) Write in the message box the name of the person you are donating on behalf of and the address you would like the card sent to. It can be the address of the person you are giving the card to or your own address so you can hand the card to them yourself or stick it in their stocking.

If you rather send a check please put on the memo the name of the person and the address to send the card to. Checks can be sent to:

Christ’s Initiative                                                                                                                           232 Bible Hill Rd                                                                                                                 Bennington, NH 03442

Thanks so much for your generous support! Check out the gift card below.Donation Name Card web


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