Kids Doing Well in School

We just received an update that the kids have been doing well in school! It is such a blessing to hear how they have grown and how Phillip & Susanna continue to pour into their lives daily as their family. We all believe education is very important for these children at the home so it has been a big part of this ministry. God continues to provide for different school fees, uniforms, supplies, extra tutoring, etc. It has not been easy for all of the kids as expected due to their backgrounds, but each kid has improved and continues’s to do so. Princess was just promoted in school to a higher ranking for her cleanliness, good grades, and various other good quality requirements. The Children’s home at Friends Of Zimbabwe are very proud of her. Prince will be graduating this year on the 29th of November. Please keep him in prayer to finish out strong. Brian has in the past struggled in school, but he continues to strive and take on extra tutoring. He has been improving slowly but surely. He takes final exams at the end of the month. Please keep him in prayer that he can focus through these exams. Thank you all for your support! God is doing wonderful things within these children and the surrounding community and it is awesome to see how He has His hand in all of this. As new uniforms fees and graduation fees are needed, we ask that you keep praying and if feel led to support FOZ financially, we would greatly appreciate it.Zimbabwe4_EEP12_087

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2 Responses to Kids Doing Well in School

  1. David Swensen says:

    Thanks for the update and prayer requests.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Such a great testimony of how to make a difference one person at a time.

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