Children’s Home

The children’s home is simply a small orphanage where underprivileged children who have no parents, education, food, or place to sleep can have a home. This home allows these children to live together as a family under the care of locals, Pastor Phillip and his wife Susanna with their son Teffila (age 4), including their friend and helper GodKnows (age 21) who has been taken under Phillip’s wing. They truly are a family as Phillip and Susanna raise these children as their own, and the surrounding community continually helps out.

The children currently at the home range in age from 4 to 16. All of them are being educated in schools, and are provided multiple meals a day. All have improved immensely from having either bloated stomachs, wounds from being beaten, or emotional setbacks because of their previous situations. Each child continues to improve upon their behavior and responsibilities around the home. They have coped with each other and kids at school as they slowly become more confident and heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. While struggles arise and are overcome, Phillip and Susanna are there to love, guide, and support them.

The property is a fenced in area with plenty of room for the kids to play safely. There is a garden where the kids learn to farm as they grow their own crops and either eat or sell the produce for income. It has a very large yard with 5 guava trees and a 3 room cottage attached to the property. The home consists of 3 bedrooms, an office, living-room, kitchen, and bathroom.

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