Feed The Hungry Program

Feed the Hunger, the first program started in Zimbabwe.  Its name sums up its purpose pretty well, which is to feed the hungry. Feed the Hunger has evolved through the years, evolving to work within Zimbabwe’s unstable political and economical situation.  It started as a weekly program; every Tuesday afternoon Sadza (Zimbabwe’s staple food, a boiled cornmeal) and a side would be served to anyone that came.  Before it was served the people working in the program would go around the city and invite those they saw whom seemed in need, leading the blind to where the food would be served.

The amount of people that came would fluctuate depending on the season, the economy (as if things turned worse in this city, many beggars will try to find greener pastures in other cities) and the government.  The current regime routinely “cleans the streets”, a program in which they chase all of the beggars and street people out of the cities.

While we were in Zimbabwe we were driving back to the home one night when we saw children lined up on the sidewalks, many sharing a single blanket.  Our hearts broke when we saw them and we decided we had to do something.  So on Tuesday mornings we would go out early in the morning, before the children were chased by the police, and passing out sandwiches and tea to them.  In doing this we’ve been able to build trust and relationships with these children.  We’ve also been able to reach out to a gang of 20 something year olds, and we’re hoping that these relationships will help us to better reach them more so in the future.

Due to the current elections going on over there, the political climate is a bit rough and the Government is being hostile to NGO’s (Non-governmental organizations), because they see them as opposition.  And so due to this we are being more discreet with this program at this current time.  We are providing food hampers to three families a month, giving them enough food to feed their family for that month. Once things settle down after the elections we’ll have a better idea as to what direction we should pursue in the future.

We’d like to thank you all for your continuous support through prayer and donations, both are needed as we continue to run this program and are imperative for its future growth. We praise God for all of you and we hope that through His Spirit you will all be filled with peace, joy and love.

God Bless!

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