Education Empowerment Program (E.E.P.)

In Zimbabwe, both the private and government schools charge school fees to attend.  Not only, but each child is also required to provide their own school materials, and are also required to purchase their own school uniform, which differs from school to school.  Without having these three things children are unable to attend school. The literacy rate in Zimbabwe is one of the highest in Africa, but they have been declining over the years.  Most children must attend the cheaper and far lower quality, government schools.

The purpose of the E.E.P is to help provide as many children as we can with an education.   We have begun doing this in a number of ways: We are paying directly for some students school fees, required quarterly by most schools. We purchase and pass out the materials required by students to attend schools (lesson books, notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, etc.) We would like to continue to expand this program by paying for more students’ fees and being able to provide for more students school materials and uniforms more consistently.

Our ultimate goal in this program is to empower as many children as possible to receive quality education, giving them the opportunity to break the chains of poverty wrapped around many families. Are few photos below show the beginning of this process.

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