Look out for Updates!

Hello Everyone!

Ah, spring is in the air!  The weather has been beautiful here in New Hampshire and I hope that you have all been enjoying whatever type of weather you may be experiencing where ever you may be!  The weather in Zimbabwe right now is in the low 70’s, mild and lovely!

But rather then just tell you about the weather over there, we in Christ’s Initiative are going to start telling you about the programs we have running over there.  From the Feed the Hunger Program to the Friend’s of Zimbabwe Home to the Education Empowerment Program, we’ll be writing up a summary/update of each of the programs. We will also be giving you updates about each kid at the Friend’s of Zimbabwe Home.

I encourage you all to look out for these posts in the coming weeks!

God loves us so much, and Christ has set for us an example of love, so lets carry on through the power of His Holy Spirit and rock the world with love!

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