Updated Orphan photos!

Hi, hope all is well and we pray that your day is blessed and that you will bless someone else’s day. We are happy to receive a few photos of the orphans at the FOZ center from Caleb in Zimbabwe and post them for all of you to see! Click on each photo to see their names below each image. The last few images also consist of Pastor Jeff, Suzana, and their son Tefila, along with God Knows who all live at the center and help out with the kids. To read a short description of each child refer to this link: https://christsinitiative.org/2012/05/06/calebs-update-about-our-four-children/

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1 Response to Updated Orphan photos!

  1. Sandra says:

    Wow, Prince looks like a new little boy compared to the photo’s of when he first arrived! God is good!

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