Caleb’s Update About Our Four Children

This post is one of the main reasons why we are doing this whole thing. Not only do we feel called to, but it is so worth it! Caleb has been so faithful and strong by staying in Zimbabwe long after Zach and Josh came back to the states to do photo updates, start fundraising, and do other organizational work. Caleb is still in Zimbabwe now living at the orphanage/community house and below is a little update from him concerning the 4 kids we have taken in. Sorry for these photos being such low quality. They were taken from a cheap camera phone which is all Caleb has access to right now. We don’t have a picture of Merjury quite yet for she is the newest child to arrive.

“Things are going well and everything is falling into place all by the grace of God.

Brian:  16 years old.  Speaks pretty good English. He comes from the guardians we met in Lower Gweru, so from a good family orientated
environment. He has been nothing but helpful and good to have
around.  He is a hard worker, he has a good sense of humor and he is a
good older brother to Prince and the rest. It is so great to help him get through his education because his previous environment could not afford him to do so.

Princess:  13 years old.  She doesn’t speak English as well as Brian,
so it is more difficult to communicate.  She lives up to her name, she
is an absolute sweetheart.  She works hard, despite our efforts to as
times get her to just relax.  She is quick to laugh and smile, she is
a good older sister for everyone.  I forget which one, but one of her
parents have passed away and the other she has never met.  She comes
from Gokwe, I don’t know exactly what her home life was like but I
know that she is in a better situation now.

Prince:  4 years old.  It was purely coincidence that we have both a
Prince and a Princess living with us.  He has improved every day sense
getting here and just keeps getting better. When he first arrived his
stomach was swollen, he wouldn’t smile and barely said a word, his
body is covered in scars, abuse from his step-father.
He is not an orphan, but as I said above, he comes from an abusive home.
Today his stomach, his whole body for that matter, is all looking much
healthier.  He talks a mile a minute, he and I talk a lot though
neither of us knows what the other is saying.  He is always laughing
now and loves to play outside.  Suzanna is teaching him and Tephila
English and both are learning.

Merjury:  She is 10 years old.  She comes from the rural
area and from a family that practiced polygamy.  When she first arrived she was
respectful to her elders to an extreme (something taught in the rural
areas) to the point of bowing down when bringing anything to me or any
of the other adults.  She has loosened up and is actually pretty
funny, she doesn’t speak very much English at all but we’re able to
communicate through motions and having an idea of what we’re talking
about.  We just enrolled the kids in schools, she will be going to
Primary school (elementary school for us).  Brian and Princess are
enrolled in secondary school (the equivalent of high school).

All of the kids get along amazingly and its been so awesome to see
them laughing, playing, and loving life together.  Goddy has been a
great older brother to them all and Phillip and Suzanna are continuing
to do the Lords work.”

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