Future Generation

Below are just a few of the kids we met in Zimbabwe. These kids are the next generation and we must empower them, give them hope, and instill a mindset to succeed.

The kids are initially what broke Zach’s heart and made him want to start this whole project. These pictures don’t have to be just a material object, but instead represent the lives of the children we are trying to help. With your support, the chance and hope of a brighter future is much greater. Some of these kids are from the families we stayed with and some are street kids and orphans. The kid with the mangled leg needed a little money for immediate surgery so we discussed the situation and the urgency of the need and decided it was in our means to help, for no one else in the community could afford it.

We are also excited to announce that our orphanage officially houses 4 kids full time! Hopefully Caleb can send me some photos and a short description of each child. Once he is able to send the information, we will let you all know a little about each them.

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