Feed The Hungry

Hello, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Under the FOZ project we started a program through our local friends and partners, before we as a group even went to Zimbabwe. The name of the program is “Feed The Hungry.” We started off by sending somewhere between $600-$1000 to start this program which feeds people in desperate need who cannot help themselves. It includes people who are elderly, homeless, blind, and have various disabilities and circumstances that makes them unable to provide for themselves. We provide a meal to them once a week. What is amazing is that our initial funds ran out before we arrived after several months because of the demand and feeding them a few times a week, yet the local community pitched in every week to keep it going even when they themselves did not have much. It goes to show that it just takes a little spark of faith to ignite something that brings people together, allowing something much larger than themselves to develop. Some of them now consistently go to church and are more integrated in the church community.

While we arrived in Zimbabwe it was great to see this being continued and realized how important it is. We help fund this project in small ways, but the community is what is contributing the most. It’s great to see the smiling faces of the hungry as they see us all meet and simply serve. It was a blessing for us to see the local community go out into the streets and find a poor but very sweet and elderly blind man, and then escort him back to the local meeting area where locals prepare the food and serve it. This is the kind of thing we want to see happen and believe is what Jesus would do. We have already started to expand this project and every once in a while bring portable food boxes to street kids and others who are homeless that can’t get to our meeting spot or to the shelter that it is a little ways outside of town.

These photos are just a few of the people that we and the locals together serve each week. Its amazing to see the joy when they are simply fed, but more importantly the community it raises as we share food, stories, and random conversations.

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