Orphanage House

Before we get deeper into the heart of the photos, the next step that we accomplished as we developed relationships and did some business aspects was the purchasing of a house for the orphanage. Because of property legalities and the long process of getting your own property to build on, especially as a PVO, we decided to rent for now. It is also better for our current budget.

We were extremely happy with the house that we found. It has quite a bit of land in a great and safe location with 3 bedrooms, an office, large living-room, kitchen, bathroom, and a 3 room cottage. It has 5 guava trees, a garden, plenty of room for the kids to play, and it is all enclosed. We were able to do this for a very good price, especially compared to the states. The pictures below are before we started landscaping the premises and furnishing it. However, now that we have had some time to work on the landscape and furnish the place with curtains, new windows, locks, kitchen appliances, couches, chairs, table, and bunk beds for the kids, it is really coming along and starting to become more like a home.

So besides the cost of food and education for the kids, along with the feeding program, we have to of course factor in our monthly rent and utilities to our budget. So if you fell led to support us, it would be much appreciated as the kids of this orphanage and the feeding program could really use your help. As of now, it will take a while for this project to start becoming self-sustainable so support from the states right now is very important and necessary. So please join us in supporting our brothers and sisters in desperate need. Next few posts will consist of projects we have been working on and the kids and adults we have been trying to help. Until next time, take care and God Bless.

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