I, Josh, am very close to sorting through all of the photos! As I said I am going to release them in stages, so today before getting into the heart of what we did and are currently doing in Zimbabwe, I want to show you a few wonderful people who have been involved with the FOZ organization overseas and have created great friendships with us. These people have a true heart for God and others, work extremely hard, are selfless, are loving, and are the reason why such a project like this can happen! I have lots of photos of each of them, but I just want to give you a few of each to put a face to the names. I feel like I could talk about each one of these people forever, but for the sake of time a very brief description will have to do for now, just so you can get the basic idea. The first few photos are in order of their descriptions. The rest are just some random ones because there are hundreds. I can’t wait to soon show you the pictures of all of the kids that have impacted us; being one of the main reasons why are doing this.

Phillip, Suzanna, & Taffila Mujawo…This is the family living at the orphanage and who will be taking care of the kids. Phillip is a pastor of a local church and has a huge heart for ministry. They literally quit there jobs to do full time ministry and that means living off of donations by God’s grace. Suzanna and him were with us everywhere helping get things accomplished. Without them this project wouldn’t exist. It is honestly too much and too hard to describe how much they have done. It doesn’t do them any justice to just mention a few things like helping with; getting a house, getting materials, meeting with offices, being our tour guide, doing paperwork, translating, being willing to be head of the orphanage, spiritual guidance, etc. Taffila is their son who is so cute! We love playing around with him. He loves to “preach” like his dad and sing like his mother.

God Knows is our dear friend and as we like to say our “faithful servant”. He has a true heart for service. He went with us everywhere. He is a jokester and always kept us entertained, but has helped us with translation, travel, the feeding program, teaching us the Shona language, protection, and he will also be living at the orphanage in the cottage on the property helping take care of the kids.

Respect, Theo, and Lexon are great friends of ours who we love to mess around with. They have made us feel very welcome and are always willing to help. They help out with ministry aspects and the feeding program, teaching us Shona and the cultural etiquette of Zimbabwe, and more.

The Shumbas have amazing hearts and are a family to us. We stayed with them for the first few weeks and they were extremely hospitable. The kids were fun to play with and make fun of or scare. They had such strong personalities as did Momma Shumba who was a great cook and worked very hard. Elder Shumba is a great farmer and is willing to teach us and help out the orphanage with farming in the near future. He also does ministry work and is on the board for FOZ. He helps out with the feeding program and with decisions. He is such an encouragement as well! He is our “Zimbabwe Father.”

Mother Jamesa is a widow who is extremely kind and loving. She has helped out with the feeding program and takes care of orphans herself. She has a huge heart and loves to help in anyway possible. She may in the future live at the orphanage as well to take care of kids as we get more.

Abet is a funny guy that is our friend and our driver. He brings us anywhere and helps us with any needs using his truck. He has also used his own money to help the feeding program continue when it was struggling.

I wish you all could meet each one of them. You would then truly know what love and serving is all about as they don’t have any material property or finances, yet they have so much joy. I wish I could write an entire article on each of them, but even then you couldn’t really know what they are like unless you met them. Zach, Caleb, and I would love to bring them to the states to visit some day. Enjoy all of the photos.

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2 Responses to Relationships

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful pictures.You definitely have an artists eye for photography. Its a blessing to see the Body of Christ from such a far away place and to be reminded of the real needs of others.Thank you . Leslie Hanson

  2. Michelle says:

    Great job.

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