Christ’s Initiative’s Crusade!

God works in mysterious ways, and this was made even clearer to Zach and Caleb recently with a “crazy” calling from God.  Christ’s Initiative has been working to raise money and get speaking engagements at churches around New Hampshire, but to no avail.  Only one church has allowed for us to have the privilege to speak and it went amazing!  God truly moved there and His Holy Spirit was absolutely present.  But since then we’ve been running into closed door after closed door – a very frustrating time!  After much prayer, we’ve felt that God has called us to go on a road trip down to at least Pennsylvania if not further, and to stop at various churches along the way to seek support.  When we were first presented with this, our reaction was one of disbelief and doubts.  But after more prayer and the seeking of counsel, it seemed to us that this is what God wanted of us.

So now we’re stepping out on pure faith, not knowing what is in store for our journey but certain that God will be in control and that if we devote each day to Him, He will be glorified.  We’re excited to see what He has planned, and have put our lives completely in His hands.

Prayer is much appreciated and much needed!

We’ll keep you all updated on our journey and will continue to live in the hope that He has giving us.

God Bless!

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