House, Business Cards, and Shirts

Back in February Christ’s Initiative made the decision for a couple of us guys to rent a house with our own money from our local jobs. We as a group were meeting very rarely and it seemed like the process of moving towards our goal was slow going. It was really hard to get people together at the same time and to get things done in the short amount of time we had during our meetings. Therefore, a group of us guys rented a house to be living together in community and to be able to work on this non-profit more often and more efficiently.                                                                                                                             We are happy to say that this was a good decision because it brought us closer to each other and I think God used the situation for fellowship in learning more about each other, which is important for us when we go overseas to Zimbabwe and are constantly together. We became more productive with meetings and got things done for the organization.                                                                                                                               Some of the things we have accomplished are: this website, a finalized logo, business cards, t-shirts, and speaking at churches and planning events to raise money. Below are some of the images of these items. Click on the images to scroll through them in a larger view. We will soon update you about how fundraising is going and where we have spoken so far, but you will just have to wait in anticipation.                                                                            We also sent some money to our partner Pastor Jeff in Zimbabwe to start up a feeding program. Again, you will just have to wait for the next post to get details about how it is going and to see the images!                                                                                                              A special thanks goes out to Jon Van Dyke with Opal Clothing for helping us with the logo and t-shirts.

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